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The Veil

One of the key aspects of Chasing Shadows is the veil between the worlds. Legend and beliefs recognize that the veil that separates our world from the next can be breached, and that some spirit are unable to pass through the veil at will. As an intuitive, Jarek is learning how to contact and see those stuck in our world, or those who have moved on to the other side. Many people believe they have this same ability at Jarek, or they know someone that has the ability.… There are also many people that are skeptical of this gift. Finally, there are people that don’t believe in the spirit world beyond the veil. Jarek interacts with all of these beliefs on his journey, resulting in him questioning his own abilities and beliefs. Once you read his story, you will have to decide what you believe.

A reading from Chasing Shadows book one.

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