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Who Is Zachariah Jones?

Zachariah Jones grew up in a small town in Central Minnesota. He became fascinated with books at a young age. In fact, his first job at the age of 14 was working in the local library.  He was responsible for shelving books and repairing books.  Zachariah felt called to serve in the armed forces, where he has been serving since age 17. He is also a graduate of Saint John's University and holds a degree in Political Science.  He has toyed with writing for many years, however, he finally has taken the time to start turning the short stories he had into novels. His debut novel is the first book in a trilogy, Chasing Shadows. 

Zachariah currently lives in eastern Minnesota in a small river town with his husband and dog.  When Zachariah is not on duty, he enjoys anything outdoors, gardening, cooking, and spending time relaxing in his home. 

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