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Have you ever seen or been part of a Tarot reading? Well Tarot cards were cards simply used for a game… hundreds of years ago. This game became popular in Europe in the 15th century. However, it is believed that the roots go back as far as ancient Egypt. This belief is what drove to some beginning to use the cards for divination in the 1700s.

Different Tarot readers use different techniques for reading, they have many different spreads, and some do direct readings with fairly literal and consistent interpretations of the cards, while other readers simply feel the interpretation of the cards for that particular person.

The most common deck that readers use is The Rider-White deck from 1909 and is what most people picture when thinking about Tarot cards. Though Tarot is usually associated with only being used during the ”spooky” season, many use this form of insight throughout the year and for helping them guide decisions.

In Chasing Shadows, Jarek uses Tarot to help guide him during his investigation. It can help bring answers to the questions asked, though the answers may not be as clear as some would like. Next time to you feel called, stop and have a reading done or pick up a deck yourself… you might be surprised at how fun and insightful it can be!

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