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Entertainment Through Research

One of the most fun parts of writing Chasing Shadows was conducting research on the time period to help surround the story with realism. The story is set in 1924, so it was great to learn more about this amazing and interesting time in American history. It was a blast reading articles from local newspapers, looking through tons of photographs, and researching common phrases and slang. I can’t wait for you all to follow Jarek on his mission of discovering who the true killer is of Saint Paul socialite and spiritualist, Sarah O’Connell!

Below are a few photos that provided some inspiration to the story. Be sure to follow my Instagram @the_zachariah_jones and Facebook at Also, share with your friends to help spread the word of Chasing Shadows, book 1 coming soon!

Don’t miss next week’s post… taking a deeper dive into the other side of the veil.

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